Specials Recipes delishimo!


The butchery department at FreshChoice Half Moon Bay has a comprehensive range of over 150 meat products, including organic and free range.

We offer a selection of organic meats from Harmony Meats, venison, succulent Pekin ducks supplied by Saveur Duck, as well as the poular Macro and Rangitikei free range and corn fed chickens, and much more. Whatever the preference, customers are certain to find a meat or fish that is sure to delight.

Luckily, the Fresh Choice HMB butchery is fortunate to have procured two experienced butchers and an enthusiastic apprentice to select and prepare that special cut of meat to fit the particular occasion.

These higly experienced butchers can apply their expertise and provide ideas on how to cook the meat to release the succulent juices and flavours. If you are a creative cook, askĀ our Head Butcher Glenn for a cut of meat that is unfamiliar. Whether you are wanting to delight some hearty appetites or are looking for a new dish to add to your repertoire, our butchers will be more than happy to help you out.