Specials Recipes delishimo!


FreshChoice Half Moon Bay has an enticing array of freshly baked breads that is enough to tempt customers to the instore bakery each morning. We replenish our shelves daily with specialty breads suitable for all occasions.

The breads have delighted the palate of many Aucklanders and have earned its reputation for producing healthy breads that are naturally fermented with no additives or preservatives.

We are a proud stockist of the award winning Wild Wheat range of specialty breads. Wild Wheat has consistently been voted by Metro Magazine as “Best Bread” since 2004, culminating in the “Best Bakery in Auckland” award this year.

Wild Wheat

This award winning range of specialty breads are naturally fermented with no additives or preservatives. While the sourdoughs are a firm favourite, there are other Italian, French and Turkish breads you may find particularly appealing instore, ranging from rustic ciabatta to rich brioche and the subtle smokiness of the Turkish pide.

Paris Berlin

Every weekend we receive a delivery of specialty breads from the Paris Berlin bakery. These artisan breads are low in gluten, made with organic flours and last for several days. They can also be frozen and used as required. Store favourites include the French Compagne loaf, Walnut loaf and Onion baguette.

Next time you visit FreshChoice, browse the selection of breads for a loaf that will excite your tastebuds.