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The FreshChoice brand is renowned for its strong links to the local communities.

Community in the car park

Community constables and Howick, Pakuranga Community Patrol keeping customers' car number plates tamper resistant.


Recently two community initiatives were convened in the FreshChoice car park, both with the aim of creating safer communities.

On a perfect Friday evening local community constables and Howick, Pakuranga Community Patrol joined forces to provide tamper resistant screws for 140 cars in the FreshChoice car park.

By replacing standard number plate screws that are easily undone by petty criminals, with tamper resistant ones, there is much less chance a petty criminal will steal a number plate.

The criminals use stolen number plates for other crimes, such as filling up with fuel and absconding without paying for it.

The community activity will reduce crime and raised $590 for the Howick, Pakuranga Community Patrol.


Next on the calendar was a visit from Howick Fire Station to promote fire safety.

Firemen at FreshChoice - Sharing fire safety knowledge with Howick Fire Station.


In the lead up to daylight savings change over in April, we were all reminded to

check the batteries in smoke alarms or make sure we have them in our homes.

The firefighters still find many local homes without enough smoke alarms, many alarms with flat batteries or they were disarmed because they went off when someone burnt toast.


The New Zealand Fire Service recommends installing long-life photoelectric smoke alarms in every

room and hallway - on every level in the house.

Photoelectric smoke alarms pick up smaller smouldering fires and work by an inbuilt lens being disturbed by identifying smoke particles.

Dust and insects also affect the lens, so the fire fighters recommend a quick vacuum around the smoke alarm periodically and check for spider webs.