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Plastic can be fantastic again

FreshChoice plastic bags
















Here at FreshChoice Half Moon Bay we are serious about sustainability.
If you have been in-store recently, you will have seen our new eco-friendly plastic bags.
They are made using fancy technology, which means a d2w additive is added into the plastic when they are manufactured. The d2w additive breaks down the molecular chains when exposed to oxygen and light. Once they have biodegraded, no harmful chemicals remain.
Pretty cool!


Healthy crunch and munch


Shopping with a small child is sometimes a bit of a challenge.  

Grabby hands, wriggly bottoms, hungry bellies and boredom can wilt the wings of most perfectly behaved cherub.

To help keep families chillaxed we now have a basket of fruit that children can tuck into.

They can sit back in the shopping trolley and munch happily, while the grown-ups cruise the aisles in peace.


Foodie extraordinaire










Working all over the world sounds like fun but eventually a family needs to put down roots and find a place to call home.
FreshChoice Half Moon Bay was very lucky when Eryl Jones and her husband decided to stay put in Auckland and raise their daughter on the south-eastern side of town.
After working in several jobs that were very much people-focused, Eryl’s welcoming Welsh personality shines through in her role as manager of dairy, deli and bakery departments.
In the UK, she worked in management, manufacturing lingerie for Marks and Spencer and also tried her hand at event management for the local council.
Love and family life changed the playing field and her career took a move to the Antipodes.
Eryl’s husband had worked all over the globe before the family came to New Zealand for a holiday and in words that make Kiwi hearts sing, they “fell in love with the place”.
They returned to the UK to pack up their house and within weeks, the entire family was living in Auckland.
Eryl is a legendary in-home entertainer and a self-confessed foodie.
Her family loves deli food and working at FreshChoice gives Eryl the opportunity to test foods from the most innovative to the traditional.
Her keen taste-buds are honed in to finding the best of the best for customers and if there is a dairy, deli or bakery item you’d love FreshChoice to stock ? let Eryl know.
It’s little wonder Eryl has done so well at FreshChoice ? starting out as 2-IC and promoted to department manager within six months.


Solomons become Kiwi citizens

The Solomon family are proud to be Kiwis. From left, Kyla, Maria, Kendra and Karen.

Moving your family to a new country takes a lot of courage and the Solomon family took the plunge to shift to New Zealand in 2009.

Maria and her, husband Joel left behind the tropical Philippines and started a new life with their three daughters in Auckland.

FreshChoice Half Moon Bay has welcomed Maria, Kendra, Kyla and Karen onto the team, with mum and the girls working in various roles throughout the supermarket.

In February, the family dressed in their finest traditional Philippine clothing, had their hair and makeup done and attended their New Zealand citizenship ceremony.

"It felt like a graduation," says 21-year-old Kendra.

After formally becoming Kiwis the family celebrated with a special lunch.

Congratulations to you all and thanks for the great work you have done at FreshChoice and Delishimo.